Norwegian Movies Online
Norwegian Movies that has been submitted online on different sites. I will try to add a movie every monday. If a link is broken, please report to admin[at]


1 - Olsenbanden Og Dynamitt Harry
Olsenbanden is originally a danish comedy series, and we Norwegians copied it. This is the 2nd Norwegian movie made from the series.

2 - Norske byggeklosser
Norske byggeklosser is a Norwegian comedy from 1972.
It's about Olav that is trying to build a house, he is surrounded by difficult carpenters, neighbors and bureaucrats. He pays and pays and his house still is half done.

It is often described as a parody of the bureaucracy in Norway.


4 - Buddy
Buddy is a Norwegian movie from 2003.

5 - Ni Liv
Ni liv is a Norwegian movie made in 1957, taking place during WW2 about Jan Baalsrud amazing escape from the Germans from North-Norway and over the border to Sweden

6 - Sult
A scandinavian production of the novel Sult by Knut Hamsun. Main character is Swedish. Subtitles in English.